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Practice Light, Shadow & Shading Objects


Improve your drawings and learn to shade accurately.

Drawing accurately is one thing, but to understand how to apply accurate light and shadow will bring you a step closer to creating better drawings. 

It's hard to understand why a drawing looks flat, or just wrong... we can't quite put a finger on it.

In order to understand how our drawings can be improved, we need key knowledge which will enable us to tell right from wrong through the understanding of basic art theory principles; one of which is the nature of light and shadow. Shading correctly will help breathe life into your art by conveying accurate information.

You can watch the video tutorial Shading with Ellipses, Light and Shadow which describes how to accurately draw ellipses, project shadows and shade correctly based on the the direction of light, which will ultimately improve your drawing ability. Be sure you give it a watch as these art tasks are designed to practice the principles taught and demonstrated in the tutorial.

This art task generator is designed improve your shading skills by prompting random objects for you to draw in a 3D environment, to shade accordingly based on the suggested light source. Where will the shadows fall? Where will the highlights be? Where does the light drop off?

By asking ourselves these questions, we come to understand the right answers which will help to improve our shading by understanding what and why something looks wrong.

Ellipses Lv.1

Ellipses are curved lines that connect points, they help to determine the volume of a subject. If you can come to understand where the ellipses will be in your drawings, then it will help you shade and draw with more accuracy! This level 1 drawing generator will introduce you to the basics of ellipses, getting you ready to take your drawings to the next level!

Shading Lv.1

These are foundation tasks aimed at people learning how to shade better drawings with light and shadow. The setup will prompt basic geometric shapes places in a 3D environment in perspective, by you, ready to practice shading by understanding the nature of the light source in relation to the shape.

These tasks are designed to help you improve our knowledge of light and shadow, by working with simple shapes at first, you'll eventually be able to apply accurate shading to your drawings regardless of how complicated the subject is.


Examples Of Light & Shadow Drawing Tasks


.PSD File to work in + .JPG image of Grid




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