Develop & Improve as an artist by practicing composition rule related art tasks!

Composition can make or break your drawing. Learn the rules and apply them to your art!


Practice designing with shapes to convey specific moods & emotions.

Shape language can be used to reinforce ideas subconsciously or consciously, our designs can influence how the viewer thinks and feels about what we draw.


Loosen up and begin to understand the human figure

Drawing anatomical figures and gesturful poses is a sure way to improving our art, but are we getting the most out of the poses simply by just copying what we see?


Learn to draw the Human Face correctly through Active Learning!

Generate tasks that condition you to learn the key fundamental principles when drawing the human face.


Improve your drawings and learn to shade accurately.

Drawing accurately is one thing, but to understand how to apply accurate light and shadow will bring you a step closer to creating better drawings. 


Learn to draw perfect perspective and improve your drawing skills today!

Perspective is a fundamental drawing tool required by any artist that wants to be competent at drawing accurately, especially those pursuing a career as an artist or designer.

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