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Practice Drawing Heads, Faces & Expressions


Express yourself and learn to draw various face shapes from any angle.

Well drawn faces are one of the key ways to engage with your audience whoever they are. Face come in all shapes, sizes, expressions and are seen from multiple angles.

The first thing people look at is your face and it's the same in art!

If we can't express the characters we draw properly through various facial expressions, then the viewer won't feel the emotion we want to portray.

By understanding the structure of the face, and all the tendencies of how muscles contract and expand, we can begin to recreate any type of face for any situation, regardless of the angle, shape or lighting situation.

Face's are 3 dimensional and not flat. There are ways to draw faces accurately by building them up so everything appears to be in the correct place, which enables the emotion to shine through.

By using this generator you'll be tasked with a variety of facial expressions, lighting setups, emotions, face shapes, angle twists to help you improve as an artist and create an extensive visual library. The video tutorial on Drawing faces and expressions will help you to understand the core principles to practice, so you can work alongside it as you practice drawing your own face types.

Faces Task

The Face Task generator will prompt you with various tasks to draw the face, with a focus on copying and using reference material. You'll explore a variety of facial expressions and drawing tasks revolve around the foundational principles outlined in the face drawing tutorial.

Cartoon Face

With a focus on drawing cartoon faces, this art task generator suggests a number of variables that revolve around using shapes to express a fun and engaging face.

Funny Face

Similar to cartoon faces, but this generator focuses on more random and varied shapes which means you'll come out with some pretty funny faces as a result!

Real Face

Have you practiced the first 3 face drawing task generators? Are you confident with them? Well, now it's time to practice drawing realistic faces. These face drawing tasks will have you practice a variety of faces with different ethic background, ages, hairstyles and more!


Examples Of Face Drawing Tasks


.PSD File to work in + .JPG image of Grid




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