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We Provide Art Prompts and Idea Generators that artificially mimic what it's like to work inside the Concept Art and Entertainment Industry.

You can instantly capture unique art inspiration with these creative art prompt ideas that stimulate your imagination, and boost your creativity! There are millions of unique art prompts waiting for you to draw, paint or use to inspire AI Art.

Unlock 65+ carefully crafted art prompt generators for drawing ideas such as Characters, Creatures, Environments, Fan Art, Vehicles, Mechs, Weapons, Illustrations and more. Special members can also get a study boost from our Art Task Prompts.

Free to Use Art Prompts

Be inspired by Art Prompts and Ideas that extract from a vast pool of carefully considered Art criteria.

Every click prompts words to come together within a set context to form original industry standard art briefs for all production pipelines.

If you're looking for inspiration for things to draw or paint, pursuing an art career and want improve your art skills whilst developing a portfolio, or just want to practice unique art challenges for fun then you're in the right place!

These prompts are tailored to mimic Art industry pipelines and also offer finely tuned prompts to produce the best results in AI Art Generators.


Character Design Art Prompts

  • Refined Character Prompts for best results

    Refined Character Prompts for best results

    Unleash your artistic potential with our versatile Art Prompt Generator. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, motivation or venturing into AI Art, our refined word strings deliver unique prompts for captivating Character designs and authentic first time results. Explore a world of creativity, ignite your imagination, and create extraordinary artwork with conceptstart.

    Sample our Character Prompts for results that will stand out.
  • Character Basic Ideas

    Character Basic Ideas

    This FREE to use Character Design idea generator prompts a broad variety of generic words by fusing different criteria such as era, type of being, personality and more. It's a great first step before moving onto the Character Pro. You'll get some really interesting Character ideas to inspire your art; something like such as a SteamPunk Fantasy Ork or an Eccentric World War Cyclops!


  • Character Pro Ideas

    Character Pro Ideas

    You can expect even more variety of ideas to inspire your art with this Character Pro Generator as it offers an extensive pool of words over 10 times more than the FREE version! You'll push your Character Design skills to the next level by creating extremely unique character art with additional criteria such as Character roles or design twists that help to push your concept art further.


  • Fantasy Character Ideas

    Fantasy Character Ideas

    Imagine a world of unique Fantasy Character Designs brought to you at the click of a button! Well, if you need to think up a character ideas that will instantly fit into a mythical and fantasy based world, then fire up this fantasy concept creator. It magically inspires and helps you to create fresh Fantasy Characters that will make your art stand out.


  • Sci-Fi Character Ideas

    Sci-Fi Character Ideas

    Blast off to another dimension with this Sci-Fi Character Design art prompt generator. These Sci-Fi lead concepts suggest futuristic guns, equipment, locations, design themes and more... all meshed together with different types of personality! It's a fast tracked and focused approach to achieve your science fiction based character concept objectives. Beam 'em up scottie!


  • Horror Character Ideas

    Horror Character Ideas

    This Horror Character concept generator carefully prompts variables adapted towards terrifying Character Art. You won't need to go deep into the darkest corners of your own mind, this Idea Generator churns out some really sinister criteria prompting you to draw and develop really twisted, creepy and unhinged Character Designs. Don't be scared...


  • Soldier Character Ideas

    Soldier Character Ideas

    Are you ready to breathe life into strong Soldier based Character Designs? Well this idea generator salutes you and your art skills! Scope out some of the greatest soldiers & warriors to have ever lived, timeless weapons and different stimuli from historical periods... ALL clashing together for you to create never seen before, super soldier Character Ideas. Hwaaar!


Environment Design Art Prompts

  • Art Prompt Environment Generators

    Art Prompt Environment Generators

    Boost your artistry with millions of creative environment design art prompts! Save time with instant inspiration, diverse concepts, creativity-enhancing ideas fully tailored for the best AI Art Results. Diversify your portfolio, and stay ahead in the creative world.!

    Sample our Basic Environment Design Prompt for unthinkable concepts.
  • Basic Environments

    Basic Environments

    This FREE Environment design idea generator prompts a variety of original landscapes. It's a great starting point for designing environments and will prompt a broad scope of generic criteria before tackling more advanced ideas. You'll be instantly inspired to think up imaginary places from existing parts of the world to unfathomable locations in an alternate reality.


  • Pro Environment

    Pro Environment

    Develop mind blowing ideas that focus on a mix of criteria that fuses all the other landscape generators for more unique idea combinations. With 20 times more variety as the Basic one, it combines modern day settings through to fantasy, sci-fi, apocalyptic landscapes and horrific environment designs, so you're guaranteed some gem ideas to help your portfolio or client concepts to stand out.


  • Fantasy Environment

    Fantasy Environment

    Manifest magical landscape ideas with this Fantasy Environment Design generator. You'll be prompted to envision landscapes that fit instantly into a mythical and fantastical world, as this concept creator summons criteria based on thousands of industry standard fantasy environment designs. So embrace the call and seize these creative ideas with all your might!


  • Sci-Fi Environment

    Sci-Fi Environment

    Capture a more science fiction based landscape with these Sci-Fi Environment Design ideas as it prompts criteria that is out of this world! Expect futuristic settings with vintage Design Themes complemented by visual assets such as Advanced Technologies, Portals, Spaceships to Alien hives and beyond; all fused with habitats that could teleport your Environment Artwork into another dimension!


  • Apocalyptic Environment

    Apocalyptic Environment

    The end is near but not for some as you seek to establish Apocalyptic based Environment Designs. This idea generator sets off a cataclysm of criteria that guides you towards dingy, end of days environment artwork. Don't mind the toxic reservoirs, burned out cars, natural disasters or radioactive wastelands; this prophetic idea generator makes Chinobble look like a walk in the park!


  • Horror Environment

    Horror Environment

    You're in the fright place if you want to create environment designs with chilling and terrifying moods. Those walks down dark secluded alley ways, views of lonely hotels on haunted hills… We've got it all suppressed in a vast and gastly pool of criteria locked away ready for you to unleash at the click of a button! So let your creative juices ooze free, and get freddy to capture some horrifying landscape art.


Creature Design Art Prompts

  • Ai Art Prompts Creature Design

    Ai Art Prompts Creature Design

    Unleash your artistic potential by tapping into a vast spectrum of Creature Art Prompts, from fantasy to sci-fi with our versatile Art Prompt Generator. Whether you're an artist in need of inspiration or venturing into AI-assisted art, our refined prompts deliver unique Creature design ideas for the best results. Ignite your imagination and create extraordinary creatures in just a few clicks.

    Sample our Creature X Prompt some beastly results.
  • Creature X

    Creature X

    This is a FREE Creature Design Prompt available to guests and mixes together common mammals, insects, birds and more to inspire fresh ideas ready for you to bring to life! As a paying Member you'll get to extract more diversity with 10 times more creature species from the deepest parts of the sea, invisible microbes to the highest mountains.


  • Creature Y

    Creature Y

    You can try a different approach all together with this Creature Design Generator. You'll be prompted to focus on essential but less specific criteria such as Creature type 'Reptile', and Habitat 'Jungle', twisted together with key animal features and personality. These Creature ideas will help you to develop your conceptual thinking process and sharpen your creativity.


  • Creature Z

    Creature Z

    This process will prompt a very bizarre Creature Design by forcing a totally different approach! It's super simple but basically taps into a pool of 20,000 different species to pinpoint 3 key physical attributes; The Head, Top Body Half and Lower Body Half. These truly bizarre Creature combinations will push the boundaries of your Creative thinking.


  • Fantasy Creature

    Fantasy Creature

    Summon some instant inspiration from this Fantasy Art based Creature Design Prompt. You'll develop fantastical and beastly ideas by taking a core species through a mythical voyage of magical Habitats and Design Themes armed with enchanted Weapons, Special Abilities with a twist of Human Likeness.


  • Sci-Fi Creature

    Sci-Fi Creature

    Similar to the Fantasy Generator, but these Sci-Fi creature ideas will help you to capture a more science fiction based species by switching up the journey. Expect Alien world habitats, Futuristic Armament and Key Features to shape your Creature Design, all with a twist of Human Likeness to bring it back to Earth!


  • Sea Creature

    Sea Creature

    Search the deepest, darkest depths of our ocean and you'll probably find a species of Sea Creature that looks out of this world. This Creature Idea Generator captures thousands of various Sea Creatures in a word pool, ready for you to breathe life into and spawn into existence with your creativity.


  • Prehistoric Creature

    Prehistoric Creature

    It's up to you to resurrect the mostly deadly creatures and beasts back into existence, with a vengeance! These Creature Design Art Prompts cross breed from lists of every known creature ever to have gone extinct, like the T- Rex or the Dodo. So pay your respects and bring them back to life with your amazing creature drawings and paintings.


Fan Art Prompts

  • Comic Fan Art

    Comic Fan Art

    Our extensive list of Comic characters (Superheroes and Villains) span decades! We’ve captured them and they're all locked up inside this idea generator ready for you to put on day release. Are you ready to illustrate or draw Superman like he’s never been seen before? Or perhaps re-invent an unsung Villain that everyone has forgotten about?


  • Game Fan Art

    Game Fan Art

    Thousands of the most iconic game characters are contained within this Fan Art Idea Generator, ready for you to reboot and paint with your own pixels. You’ll be tasked with ideas to help you illustrate and paint a fresh take on game characters from retro to modern day. Successfully designing game characters twists is a sure way to boost your concept art portfolio.


  • Character Re-Skins

    Character Re-Skins

    As if FanArt wasn’t fun enough; this Character reskin idea generator takes the most memorable and popular characters from Movies, TV, Games, Comics and fuses them with design theme twists to dramatically sylize the look & feel of your character fan art. There’s a broad range of Characters and themes so you'll end up with a truly unique design.


  • Movie Fan Art

    Movie Fan Art

    We’ve got Characters from all of your favorite blockbuster movies, animated movies and TV shows all waiting for you to give them some more limelight! You’ll be prompted with lead characters through to characters that just had a cameo yet memorable appearance, so you can demonstrate your art skills as a versatyle industry standard concept artist.


  • FanArt Refresh

    FanArt Refresh

    This FanArt prompts you with some of the most famous Characters around, and you'll be tasked to re-imagine them in a completely different light. These Art ideas encourage you to go against what has already been done and conditions you to think about how you can push and pull the Character to make them truly unique and never seen before.


Industry Illustration Prompts

  • Stylized Illustration

    Stylized Illustration

    The most defining factor of these illustration briefs are the visual design themes that you’ll be encouraged to recreate and develop your own personal style from. Being able to adapt your illustrations to multiple art styles is extremely useful and makes you more valuable as a paid artist. These illustration ideas are also broadly generic revolving around a variety of subjects and criteria which will also help to develop your artistic skills.


  • Fantasy Illustration

    Fantasy Illustration

    There’s a certain approach that the best Fantasy Illustrations tend to have in common, and these Fantasy Art Prompts help you to manifest ideas that march your art closer towards a masterful illustration that everyone likes! You’ll be prompted with mythical main focus criteria supported by magical settings, visual assets and story moments that work together for you to practice industry specific artwork for various clients and media.


  • Sci-Fi Illustration

    Sci-Fi Illustration

    Blast off, or be teleported into a world of Sci-Fi illustrations which are just as popular as Fantasy art, so you can expect similar illustration art prompts and ideas except they’re completely geared towards science fiction themes. You might be required to draw an ‘apocalyptic ranger’ wandering ‘the desert’ intended for a ‘book cover’, or an ‘undead warrior’ set on a ‘spacecraft’ with the story theme ‘abandon ship’.


  • Epic Illustration

    Epic Illustration

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art just got more epic with these Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Prompts! Instead of drawing a single subject such as a Dark Priest or Cyborg, you’ll likely get a group of Futuristic Bandits or Ancient Dwarf armies. Take your time when constructing these epic illustrations as you’ll be prompted to specifically focus on epic foreground and background elements; it’s a unique process to develop your art and illustration skills further. | Epic Fantasy Illustrations | Epic Sci-Fi Illustrations

Weapon Design Art Prompts

  • Armour Designs

    Armour Designs

    Well designed armour often makes or breaks a character. Arm yourself with a range of Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Medieval armour types fused with various design themes to create some extremely unique and engaging armour ideas.


  • Sci-Fi Weapons

    Sci-Fi Weapons

    Explore the caverns of deep space and open up a portal of Science Fiction based weapon ideas. These weapons are typically ranged combat, powered by varying types of ammo with visual twists and a touch of of advanced tech.


  • Fantasy Weapons

    Fantasy Weapons

    Manifest mythical weapon ideas that are typically found in a fantasy world, but pushed to a whole new level! These weapons have special abilities and design themes to really add a twist of magic to your weapon design skills.


  • Ranged Weapons

    Ranged Weapons

    These are weapons that someone wields with the intention to attack at ranged combat. You’ll get innovative weapon design ideas through a fusion of ranged weapons that are influenced by design, mood themes and various media platforms.


  • Melee Weapons

    Melee Weapons

    These are weapons wielded by the hand and used for close range combat. You can expect radically new designs through a fusion of weapon types and visual mood themes whilst prompted to execute the idea intended for diverse media.


Mech Design Prompts

  • Mechformer Design

    Mechformer Design

    The Mechformer idea generator is unique in the sense that the idea revolves around a specific type of vehicle as its primary function. From here all of the added variables will help you to push this mechanical design into a more robotic abstraction.


  • Robot Mech Design

    Robot Mech Design

    Launch yourself into the future and you might just see robots with all sorts of different roles! This robot idea generator helps you to design and create unique looking robots designed to serve a variety of purposes with unique design elements.


  • Mech Design T.02

    Mech Design T.02

    Mecha can come in all shapes and sizes! This T.02 mecha design process pushes the boundaries to attain never seen before concepts through the use of multiple shape types, armour variations, design themes, sizes and added technology.


  • Mech Design T.01

    Mech Design T.01

    Influenced by the best mecha concepts around, the function dictates the structure in this T.01 mech design process. It defines what the mech should do and how it should move, with all the other variables twisting together to make a truly unique design.


  • Mechanical Tank Design

    Mechanical Tank Design

    Get ready for war as you battle with this tank idea generator. It clashes together all the tanks from across the world, fusing them with unique designs themes and added functionality to ultimately create a unique heavily armoured fighting vehicle.


Vehicle Design Prompts

  • Aircraft Vehicle

    Aircraft Vehicle

    Check in, prepare for take off and enjoy an easy ride with this aircraft idea generator that provides direct access to unique aircraft ideas with the T.01 ideation process.

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  • Vehicle Design T.02

    Vehicle Design T.02

    Boost your creativity and take existing vehicles to new heights with the T.02 vehicle idea generator. It revolves around a single vehicle type but helps you to push the design by prompting changes such as the function, power source, added tech and design theme.

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  • Watercraft Vehicle

    Watercraft Vehicle

    Catch a tidal wave of unique ideas with this quick and easy T.01 approach to designing fresh types of water based vehicles, all at the click of a button!

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  • Landcraft Vehicle

    Landcraft Vehicle

    Cruise ahead with the T.01 process and automatically generate unique automobile ideas with this landcraft art prompt generator that focuses solely on land based vehicles.

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  • Vehicle Design T.01

    Vehicle Design T.01

    Jump start your brain and think up totally new vehicle concepts with the T.01 vehicle idea generator. It’ll prompt a base vehicle, a secondary vehicle and other criteria to push or pull the design in a radically different direction resulting in a unique vehicle design.

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Prop Design Prompts

  • Organic Assets

    Organic Assets

    Organic props are fundamentally different in nature to other man made objects, quite literally. A vast pool of visual assets created by nature are ready to be shaped by your creative mind, prompted alongside the additional design themes, features and moods.


  • Sci-Fi Assets

    Sci-Fi Assets

    Tap into a variety of Science fiction based prop design ideas that are out of this world! From keyboards to terminal mainframes and machinery; you’ll be inspired to create some truly unique visual assets all aided by futuristic design themes, features and moods.


  • Fantasy Assets

    Fantasy Assets

    Start creating some epic fantasy based props that you can design to fit into a mythical world. You can expect a variety of visual assets from fantasy based vehicles to clothing or log fires, all guided by magical design themes, features and moods.


  • Generic Items

    Generic Items

    Tap into this prop design idea generator that will prompt you with specific items that can be found in day to day living. There’s millions of possible idea combinations that encourage you to design them according to various visual design themes, moods and media.


  • Location Assets

    Location Assets

    This unique prop idea generator forces you to zoom out a level and focus on a particular space occupied by a number of visual assets. You can expect design places such as building interiors, types of street and rooms all influenced by unique design themes and moods.


Speed Painting Art Prompts

  • Speedpainting T.02

    Speedpainting T.02

    These speed painting prompts capture some truly original characters and creature concepts in a few simple words for you to visualize through your art.


  • Speedpainting T.03

    Speedpainting T.03

    If you fancy a fast track to unique environments or places then utilise this speed art generator for some unbelievable locations to inspire your artwork.


  • Speedpainting T.01

    Speedpainting T.01

    These speed painting ideas are extremely random mixing adjectives with character types, species, places and so on for a completely unimaginable and random art prompt.


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