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Prop Design Prompt Idea Generator


Props need to be brought to life when it comes to Entertaining and Engaging an audience.

Props are assets that build towards a world. They could be anything really, a tree, a treasure chest, a chair, a mountain or a even a cloud!

The best way to think of a prop is to see it as a Character, it has to have personality! Perhaps it belongs to a dark environment, you might want to design it with straight and jagged edges, or if it's friendly and requires more soft, less threatening shapes.

This Prop Art Idea generator will help you to design a specific asset with a focus on where and what it will be used for. It will get you thinking how to approach a prop design for different media, e.g A prop for a Mobile game will differ to an FPS game.

Prop Idea  Generator

vehicle-concept-generatorThis prop generator prompts generic prop types from items, objects to various places and locations. You can expect some diamond ideas here for you to think about and conceptualize into some really fresh artwork.

Examples of Prop Design Ideas & Art prompts


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