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Creature Design Idea Generator

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Creatures are required in almsost every facet of the entertainment industry

A Creature is an animal that is distinct from a human being. It can take form in various shapes and sizes and exist in a broad ranges of locations from Caves to outter space and other dimensions. The most important thing when designing a Creature is making it believable and grounding it in a sense of reality. This Art Creature Idea Generator will help you to think of completely new species by merging things together that you would have never even thought to.

Can you picture a Giraffe crossed with a rat? Well, somewhere in a distant universe there might be a creaure like that! Get inspiration from this Art Generator and create unique looking animal things with a whole lot of personality.

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This Art Generator is dedicated to prompting ideas for Warhammer AoS & Warhammer 40k Fan Art Illustratons.