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Still Life Resource for Artists Still Life Resource for Artists

Still life is basically the arrangement of ordinary inanimate natural or man-made objects with a stable light source and a heavy focus on highlights and shadow. Artists have used Still life references for centuries as it is one of the best ways to improve your Artistic ability through observation to understand Light, Form, Shadow, Focus, Colour, Value, Textures and so on.

How does painting or drawing Still Life help me as an Artist?

Still life provides great learning opportunities for Artists and painters.

By doing Still Life studies you'll learn a broad range of skills such as; how to mix colors of various hue, value and intensity as well as the abstractions that occur in reflective surfaces such as glass, metal or liquids. The act of observation is key to still life. You will come to understand the relationships between objects depending on their colour, the light, type of material and so on.

Studies from life are extremly important to fuel your imagination and ability to paint what doesn't exist and make it believable. Essential what we learn from observing in the real world enables us to apply that into into a fiction or fantasy world, and therefor it makes our artwork believable.


Why is this Still Life Reference Image Resource so Useful?

This unique Still Life Image Reference resource provides a large variety of objects, textures, materials, colours and lighting setups.

These still life images are readily available for you to study from and render. These still life photos and images will help you to observe the various lighting effects that naturally occur when light hits different forms. Cleverly arranged Still Life objects are lit in a way that will enhance your understanding of Value, Colour and how Light interacts with form to create Shadows.

Any other Benefits to Artists?

The photos, images and compositions found in this still image archive are very unique.

They'll not only inspire your art learning, but will lend to you creating interest and intriguing works of Art. Utilising this Still life Image Reference gallery is a massive convenience as it saves you time and money by not having to set the still life objects up yourself.

This Resources is updated and added to every month. It's a readily available archive that enables you to choose objects based on the composition, mood, texture, lighting effects, lighting theme and colours through the use of an intricate tagging system. You choose what you want to paint, and what Art Theory principles you want to learn.

This Still Life Image Referance gallery is made affordable for all. At just $9.75 you get 1 Year Access which is extremely great value!



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