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Understand how to design with intent through shape language.

Shape language in design will help your drawings convey appropriate moods and feelings to your audience!

Understand the fundamental rules of composition.

Composition is a fundamental requirement for any great artwork or piece of design, so learn the rules & then break them!

Take your drawings to the next level and draw accurately in perspective

Drawing in perspective can be tricky, but you can learn step by step methods that makes complex shape easier to draw!

Learn the rules of drawing the face and then break them!

With some basic fundamentals of how to draw the human face, we can engage and entertain an audience.

Learn the Body and Soul of Gesture & Figure drawing.

Start practicing the emotional and technical aspects of drawing figures that pack a punch!

Art Task Generators are designed to help you to improve Fundamental Art Skills .

It's one thing to have great ideas, but if you don't have the foundational art skills to execute them then they'll simply be lost on the viewer! In order to help your Art ideas stand out you'll need to have your Art Fundamental skills down. These Art Task Generators will help to build you up into a great artist through a practical learning process.

The Drawing Crash Course Tasks are a great place to start, be sure to check out the Drawing Art Tutorials.

Start thinking in 3D by understanding ellipses to improve shading.

Curved lines help to describe the volume of a form, which will help you draw and shade with more accuracy!

Understand how to draw with effective types of line Art structure.

Learn the fundamentals of line art drawings and begin to develop flair and style to enhance your drawings. 

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