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Get Inspired This Month For Inktober With These Fun, Challenging And Unique Lists Of Art Drawing Ideas!

Inktober Is An Art Based Movement Where Artists Across The World Share Their Drawings For The Month Of October With A Special Focus And Tribute To INK!

The idea is to draw and share at least 1 artwork per day for the whole month to improve your drawing skills and prompt positive drawing habits! This Inktober generator will not only prompt a list of drawing ideas, but also encourage you to explore different types of Ink and drawing processes. So get your sketchbooks ready and prepare to generate some fantasticly unique art ideas using this Inktober Art Idea Generator.

There's 4 Categories for a varied pool of Art prompts and list of  ideas to choose from:

Inktober. (Official)

This art idea generator prompts drawing ideas rooted in the OFFICIAL Inktober prompt list so you're on the same pages as everyone else with your drawing ideas, but nudges you in a direction for some unique and interesting drawings! 

Every day at 4pm BST the official generator will change to the approprite word prompt! If it's out of your time zone, simply use the word prompt for the correct day found here.

Inktober Ch. (Character)

This art generator generates drawing ideas lists for unique, fun and interesting Characters!

Inktober Sh. (Super Hero)

This art generator will prompt a Super Hero for you to draw. It will suggest poses and changes to make it unique!

Inktober Cr. (Creature)

This art generator prompts a broad range of Creature ideas fused with human likeness

This Idea Generator will be back on the 1st October 2018.

Examples of Inktober Art Prompts & Ideas

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Inktober Official Character Super Hero Creature

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