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We all want to grow and develop as an Artists! A good way to do this is to have fun and challenge ourselves in new ways. It's so easy to stay rigid in our thinking, working styles and methods but by getting prompts for your Art from this Art Idea Generator, you can get stuck into loads of fun art challenges in the form of briefs and ideas that help you grow as an artist. This concept art brief Generator is a fun approach to Art and will open your mind to completely new concepts!

The Art Brief Challenge

Win Prizes and gain exposure by taking part in an awesome Art Competition


Later this year ConceptStart will be launching The Art Brief Challenge; A facebook group where a community of Artists can come together and enter into competitions by create and submit Artworks based on various Art Briefs generated at

There will be 1 challenge per month, each will feature a different type of Art Brief. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and the winners will be judged by various industry working professionals to best represent that type of brief.

What Art Competitions and Challenges can I enter for now?

There’s lots of great competitions already, here’s some you can take part in right now

ArtStation Visit Website
Art station has grown massively as offers competitions in affiliation with many top organisations and brands. If you want to get some form of exposure from a credible contest then taking part in their contests is highly recommended. There are usually prizes in the form of free tickets, products and winners will get trophy badges to decorate their profile.

Character Design Challenge Visit Website
This facebook group has grown to become the largest free to play online art competition for Character Designs. There are no prizes, but winners will no doubt get lots of exposure which can eventually leads to job opportunities, so it’s well worth taking part.

BrainStorm Visit Website
The Brain Storm group started strong and is represented by some leading industry professionals, such as John J Park. There is usually a high level of artwork entries for a broad range of Challenges. There are no winners, but it’s nice to gain respect from key artists in the Industry.

Daily Spit Paint Visit Website
This is an extremely popular facebook group with a new topic set every day. You only have 30 minutes to create your artwork and you can’t use photos in your image. This is a fun group to be part of, but are no real prizes other than engaging with a fun community, sharing you work and striving to improve with daily practice.

Active Art Competitions Visit Website
This is a great site that publishes various Art Competitions especially for Traditional artists. There are often prizes to be won, so keeping a close eye and entering into these art competitions are a great way to market yourself as an Artist.


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