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As creative artists, we all have good ideas but not knowing where to start can often slow us down. This art prompt generator enables you to randomly instantly generate ideas for art inspiration. It's a great way to break the repetition of an ongoing project, and inspires Artists to create something random based on variables generated within a set context to create unique ideas.

What is an Art Prompt Idea?

An Art prompt Idea is basically a suggestion or a starting point for anyone that wants to draw or paint something. You might have heard of the dreaded white-screen! Well now you have Art prompts suggested to you at the click of a button!

How does it Prompt Ideas?

It works by taking pre-defined keywords from extensive lists of words that are added to a large database of articles. When you click the Generator Brief button, the Generator randomly selects keywords that are engineered to appear within a set brief, so the outcome is a completely new and unique idea as all the words come in play.

There's a broad range of art prompts & ideas to inspire your artwork from Characters, Creatures, Environments to Fan Art Ideas, Vehicles, Props and more. These Art Generator types are heavily geared towards tailoring your portfolio and art with the concept art and illustraton industry in mind.

Why should I use this Art Prompt Generator?

There's many reasons this Art Idea Generator is a useful tool for any artist. An idea always starts as a thought, or words jittering around in your brain. This generator essentially works as a brain itself with pre-defined words that then churns out a thought of an idea, and by the time you read it, it will transfer a visual image in your own mind for you to interpret and bring to life! The beauty is that no only is each art brief unique, but with your personal take on the brief will be completely unique too.

  • Instant Visuals in your mind
  • Quick start not having to think too hard
  • Good practice sticking to set criteria
  • Improve your rendering
  • Make mistakes on ideas you're not so precious about
  • Triggers ideas you would have never have thought of

How to best make use of this Art Idea Generator?

This Idea Generator is designed to inspire ideas, but also it delivers set criteria to prepare artist for work in the Entertainment and Commercial Art Industries. Here you will be expected to work closely to someone else's specifications, so by practicing painting within the confounds will imrpove your ability to problem solve. Being able to make someone else's starting point of an idea look good will make you sought after, so you can get a lot of practice with these Art Briefs.

To make the best use of this Art Generator would obviously be to become a member and take advantage of ALL of the core functionality. Here you can access more art generators, concepts, save all your briefs, shuffle words and push your ideas in a more unique direction that is pleasing to yourself.


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