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Idea Brief Generator to Prompt and Inspire your Concept Art and Illustrations

Get instant art inspiration and prompt your brain with this random Concept Art Brief & Idea Generator! was created by me Rinarto out of necessity to aid my development in becoming a Concept Artist and Illustrator. It has been designed to help with following:


 A Prompt Start

As creative individuals none of us fall short of ideas however, a problem I found is that having too many ideas can often lead to procastination; not knowing where or what to start with. The beauty about this art prompt generator is being able to randomly generate a pool of art ideas for instant art inspiration.

It's also a great way to break the repetition of an ongoing project. Create something completely random with specific criteria that is instantly generated to keep you refreshed.


 Portfolio Assistance

From my experience so far, a good portfolio is essentially one that showcases fundamental artistic ability and unique ideas; both visually and conceptually.

Visually, you'll be prompted to create artworks in various art styles which will help you grow into your own through experimentation. Conceptually, you'll be prompted by the randomly generated art briefs to create ideas that you would have never really thought of. The Subject, Location, Era, Mood etc all convey a sense of story which ultimately inspires you to create unique ideas.

By sticking to these randomly generated art ideas, you're always inspired to include the fundamental ingredients required for any engaging peice of Art and Design.


 Anti White Screen

We've all suffered from the dredded White-Screen syndome. So we want to paint something,  some idea or character and nothing concrete comes to mind, or we just don't know where to start. I can gaurentee that this Concept Art Brief Generator will negate that.

Generate briefs and Ideas using the 'Generate Brief' button and after reading the words as a whole it will inspire interesting visuals that will explode in your brain and prompt fresh original ideas!


 Gain Experience

It's great to have the time and free reigns to create personal projects, but in the real world it seems a Concept Artist and Illustrator will most likely be delivering visuals based on a set brief from a Client. I was always tought that a brief isn't a limitation but an opportunity to be more creative; having set boundaries forces you to think down a certain path and ultimately create something more unique within the confounds.

This Inspirational Brief Generator aims to replicate briefs set in the concept art,  illustration and entertainment industry. Practice sticking to the deliverables set in these briefs and you'll be ready for those tight client deadlines.


 Have Fun and Grow

If you haven't tried it yet then you need to! It's fundamental that we grow and develop as Artists, Illustrators or within any other creative role;  It's so easy to stay rigid in our thinking, working styles and mediums. By using these conceptual art prompts you'll generate a range of briefs and ideas that will develop your Artistic ability. Perhaps you've never tried a painterly, graphic or comic art style before, maybe you've never thought to try?

The intention of this site is to ultimately create a community of Artist that want to learn,  practice and have fun through experimentation to further their career or artistic talent. Feel free to share your work via the blog or facebook.




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