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  3. Monday, 05 March 2018
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Thanks again for the video Rinarto! Here is my interpretation of using the Line and Shape techniques you presented in the video. I am a traditional artist so had to do this a bit differently by using tracing paper to do the initial shapes. I did the fruit using the blocking method, which I find really helpful in getting the shadows/highlights more accurate. And I used the Line and Shape outline for my owl which I helped to quickly get the initial form. Anyone else given this a go? how did you find it? be great to se some other peoples work too! :) Roseanne x

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Rinarto Best Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Roseanne,

Thanks for submitting! These looks good...

I realise though that I perhaps haven't been so clear with the tasks. See Examples of Tasks.

Seeing the process is as important as the end result, are you able to send me any process images too like the ones at that link? You could always just send one photo with everything included in it...

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