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  1. Olivia
  2. 01 Line and Shape
  3. Tuesday, 06 March 2018
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This is what I got done!
I wasn't entirely sure as to what constitutes as a still life, hopefully this is okay.

Still life - Copy + Imagine
Flowers - Trace shadows

Reference Images:
Flowers (Can't find the original, but this is where it linked to...)
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Seems like I forgot to re-flip the flower image back to the original lmao. My bad!
  1. Olivia
  2. 1 year ago
Thanks Olivia, thanks for submitting your tasks! I'll be giving feedback in full after the launch of next video...
  1. Rinarto
  2. 1 year ago
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gihec Best Answer Pending Moderation
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  1. more than a month ago
  2. 01 Line and Shape
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Rinarto Best Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Olivia!

Thanks for submitting.. You chose a really hard image for the lillies!I liked your approach and you seem to have grasped the general idea. I’d like to add some things that I think can help you approach blocking in shapes for the future.



The image you chose has quite a high key… the subject of lilies are quite bright! So the shadows aren’t as obvious here.

When we blocking in, we’re actually focusing on the shape of shadows, and not the subject in general. We’re observing the image as a whole, and not the subject.

The shadows that we pick out in the image, are what will define the subject, if that makes sense? There are no lillies… just the lights and darks in the image.

So it’s a good idea, or a way of practice that I prefer to seek the darkest and most consistent shadow forms within the image as a priority. This will help us to define the subject better.

The backdrop of your image appears darkest in value, so I would have personally approached it by seeking out the shapes like that. Almost in reverse, so drawing around the highlights to cut into the one big shadow.


I notice you did a literal trace of the shadows. When observing we’re looking to condense the information we see into the simplest shapes possible.

From here we can the details and refine the lines with more details!


I assume the skill is a shape seeker? :D

It’s quite well drawn and reasonably accurate, so you did do quite a good job, however I think you could have started with much more simple shapes.

Always consider simplicity first over anything.

What shape can the subject fit within? Then what’s the next big group you can fit into a shape, and so on… See my image attached

It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s just an example of my approach starting out with the simplest shapes I could find to build up the images.

I think you could improve even more by using more simple shapes, and group things not based on their contours, but how it will make it easier for you build the subject up and measure the relationships.

Good job :)

I look forward to your work on Perspective!
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  2. 01 Line and Shape
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