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  1. Savannah
  2. 01 Line and Shape
  3. Monday, 05 March 2018
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I did the block in exercise and was prompted to draw a cat. Here's what I have. :)
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Thanks Savannah, these are looking good! I'll give feedback in full just after the next video is released!
  1. Rinarto
  2. 1 year ago
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Rinarto Best Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Savannah!

Thanks for submitting.

You understood the task very well, I would have liked to see some of you shape seeker drawings.

So you chose quite a nice image for the block in method, the shade play a huge role in dictating the for of a subject.

Please see my example…

I feel you have made a great attempt, but could improve dramatically with a few simple tweaks.

You can add in an outline of your subject, as this contains the shadows. The block in is literally for the purpose of defining the structural components of the subjects, so without an outline for the whole cat, it paved way for a few inaccuracies.

Also, I think you could simplify the blocking even more... the simpler the shapes, the easier it is to measure the relationships between the shapes.

I traced my block in example for the sake of time, but if I was copying it would look very similar, I would just make sure that every shadow shape is correctly positioned and look out for the distance and space between the shapes are as accurate as possible, and the correct shape.

It only takes a few inaccurate lines to distort the form, and when these distortions add up we get further and further away from the true likeness of the image.

Good job though! You’re definitely on the right track.

I look forward to seeing your work on perspective! :)
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