List of digital art tutorials online

Growing list of Digital Art Tutorials Growing list of Digital Art Tutorials

The core building blocks for a competent artist!

These condensed digital art courses are designed to build an artist up from scratch.
By Delivering the necessarry art fundamentals and art theory princples, you will develop a strong foundation to build upon in your own artistic journey. 

Art Foundation Tutorial Courses - Beginners & Amatuer

Course 01: Drawing Fundamentals


01 Beginners Guide To Drawing With Line & Shape 
Watch on YouTube


This drawing tutorial is  a great introduction designed to get you to see correctly, and ultimately approach drawing with more accuracy and efficiency through studying shapes. 

02 Drawing 3D Shapes in 1, 2 & 3 Point Perspective 
Watch on YouTube



This drawing tutorial begins to explore the fundamentals of drawing 3D objects in perspective. This tutorial begins to shape your understanding of objects in a sense of 3D space.

Drawing Video Tutorial: Ellipses, Light & Shadow

Drawing Video Tutorial: Faces, Expressions & Emotion

Drawing Video Tutorial: Gesture & Figure Drawing

Drawing Video Tutorial: Line Art Stylisation & Shading

Drawing Video Tutorial: Shape Language & Silhouette

Drawing Video Tutorial: Composition, Layout & Focus Points

Drawing Video Tutorial: Ideas & Storytelling Illustrations


Course 02: Digital Painting Process

Information to be revealed.

Course 03: Visual Language Principles

Information to be revealed

Course 04: Character Design Basic Process

Information to be revealed.

Course 05: Environment Design Guide

Information to be revealed.


There latest art course in progess is: Drawing Fundamentals
art learning tutorials will be on going and delivered throughout the year via the YouTube Channel.


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Resource Links

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Art Generator Process: Environment Design
Art Generator Download: Anatomy Reference
Art Generator Video: FanArt Design Timelapse
Art Generator Video: Website Tutorial


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