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Essential Art Learning Crash Courses Essential Art Learning Crash Courses

Now is a great time to get back into Art or Start Learning!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to watch the embedded Introduction Video.

ConceptStart is creating a little movement on behalf of myself (the creator of and anyone else that wants to get back into being proactive with their Art or anyone that simply wants to start learning!

We’ll be going back to basics to start with. I’m going to revise and put into practice all of the things I’ve learned over the past few years including notes taken from credible online art courses I did on websites such as, 2D CGMA and Learned Squared.

I'll condense all of the key information that I’ve acquired over the years pursuing my love for art to deliver digestible, crash course videos that we can work alongside together week by week!

These art courses will stretch across the next 4-5 months or so, delivered through the brand new YouTube Channel. They’ll cover some core fundamental art learning principles required for us to improve and develop our skills as budding amatuer and professional artists.

There’ll be a Forum Categories and Threads to post our works in progress & Art related tasks after each video is released, so we can comment and help push each others work; I’ll be looking over everyone's artworks and give pointers where necessary, and paint overs to some of you. These could be featured in one of the videos for everyone to learn from, as well as exceptional works that have fully grasped the tasks.

Everyone is welcome, It’s FREE to join up as a Guest Member and post your work in the Art Forum Thread.

YouTube Channel Introduction & Upcoming Art Tutorial Crash Courses

About the Art Learning Crash Course Tutorials:

The first course Drawing Fundamentals will start on Friday, March 2nd.
This course will last roughly 1 month and contain 9 video art tutorials.

There will be 5 Art Fundamental crash course Tutorials:

  • Drawing Fundamentals (Traditional & Digital)
  • Digital Painting Process (Can be applied for Traditional Workflow)
  • Visual Language Principles
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design

See a full overview of the Online Art Tutorial Courses.

There’ll be about 2 videos per week, so that’ll give you at least 2 - 3 days to watch the video, complete the art task and post it in the forum for feedback and critique. These will be digestible chunks so you won’t be overwhelmed with all the information or heavy workload!


  1. Signup and create Guest or Members account.
  2. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel & Register interest in the forum!
  3. Post your completed Art Task after watching the Latest Video.

First Log in and then Create a Post of your artwork in the appropriate Category


Starts on FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd.


 Rewards & Incentives

I also forgot to mention…
As well bettering yourself as an Artist, there's some rewards for completing the courses!

  • A single course will  get FREE Tier 2 Membership for 1 Year (Existing members will get an extension).
  • Anyone that complete ALL of the courses will get FREE Tier 3 Membership for 1 Year.
  • + Downloadable .PSD files + .PDF Art Course Hints & Tips for all.


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Resource Links

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Art Generator Process: Environment Design
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